Covid-19 Update. 10/09/2020. We continue to offer appointments by video call. In-person appointments at our Leeds office are available as long as protective measures are followed. 

About us 

Safer Lives is an independent agency that is funded by our clients. We do not receive funds from central government, the Police or from charitable commissioners. The only exceptions are when we deliver training or consultancy, or when we are commissioned by local authorities to undertake work with families following assessment by an independent forensic psychologist.

We gained our experience from treating and managing problematic sexual behaviours in the Probation Service, and this helped us achieve our reputation as excellent and non-judgemental practitioners. Since 2014 our focus, as Safer Lives, is on helping clients to achieve and maintain healthy sexual thoughts and behaviours, whilst remaining free of shame and stigma. Most of our work is with men who are under investigation for online offences such as accessing indecent images or sexual communications with minors.



Jenny is a specialist in the treatment of harmful sexual behaviours. She worked as a Probation Officer for nine years with a specialism in sexual offences. Jenny went on to become the treatment coordinator for the Probation Sex Offender Treatment Programmes across West Yorkshire. In 2013 Jenny moved to the Youth Offending Service and was the specialist in working with young people with problematic sexual behaviours. She has consistently worked as a trainer and consultant to staff, and other agencies who support these individuals and their families. 

Jenny is trained to carry out AIM and AIM2 assessments which she does for a number of local authorities.

Perhaps most importantly, Jenny is a compassionate and caring individual who understands the shame many of her clients feel. With Andy and Rita, she established Safer Lives as an agency that gives guidance to those in crisis whilst ensuring risk to the individual and others is appropriately managed.

Jenny has been co-director of Safer Lives since 2014.



Rita has recently retired from the National Probation Service in West Yorkshire. After developing a specialism working with sexual offenders, she became the Treatment Manager supervising and guiding other staff in doing this work. As an exceptional trainer and groupworker, Rita has worked nationally training Probation staff to work effectively and compassionately with sexual offenders. In 2012 Rita was invited by the National Offender Management Service to help develop new treatment programmes and has frequently contributed to steering groups in the field.Due to her knowledge, warmth and approachable style, Rita remains the go-to person for guidance about working with harmful sexual behaviours in Yorkshire and Humberside. Trained in OASys, SARN, RM2000 and ARMS, Rita holds a Diploma in Social Work, and was an original founder of Safer Lives in 2014. She now works as an associate, and as a consultant to the directors.


Associate & Consultant

Jennifer is a registered social worker and qualified with an MSc in Forensic Psychology in 2016. Jennifer is a graduate member of the British Psychological Society. 

Since 2005 Jennifer has specialised in clinical practice with children, young people and adults that have displayed problematic and harmful sexual behaviours. This has included undertaking specialist assessments and delivering a range of therapeutic interventions. Jennifer is trained in a variety of risk assessment tools including, AIM 3, J-SOAP II, SAVRY ,SAPROF , SVR-20 and HCR-20. Jennifer also has significant experience of systemic work with the families of these young people and adults.


Alongside clinical experience, Jennifer has significant experience as a consultant and trainer. Jennifer is co-author of the Technology Assisted Harmful Sexual Behaviour Practice Guidance document (AIM & NSPCC, 2019), which is a tool to assist in assessment, formulation and intervention for young people that have used technology in a problematic or harmful way. 

Alongside being an Associate of Safer Lives, Jennifer is an Associate of the AIM Project and is employed by the NHS as the Lead Clinician at Forensic CAMHS. 

In keeping with the ethos of Safer Lives, Jennifer has a strong belief in hope and the potential for change. 



Andy has extensive experience from his careers in industry, prisons, and 18 years as a highly and widely respected Probation Officer.  Andy was regional trainer in how to work effectively with life sentenced prisoners and a specialist in the re-integration and resettlement of those who had committed serious sexual offences. He is also highly respected and experienced as an assessor and report writer for the Courts and Parole Board on sexual offence cases. 

Andy leads our work in the North West. He is passionate about giving people the opportunity and help to make changes, and works with a solution focused approach.

Trained in OASys, RM2000, ARMS and SARA, Andy holds a Diploma in Probation Studies and Post-graduate Certificate in Education for adults, and has been co-director of Safer Lives since 2014.


Partner and Family Consultant

Katie spent 3 years volunteering for Circles of Support and Accountability and The Safer Living Foundation, supporting men with sexual convictions reintegrate back into the community following their release from prison. She has recently completed a Masters in Forensic Psychology, during which she conducted research exploring the experiences of the non-offending partners of people with sexual convictions. Katie is currently working as an Assistant Psychologist in a women's prison, and has joined the team at Safer Lives to help provide support to the families and partners of men under investigation.


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