Covid-19 Update. 10/09/2020. We continue to offer appointments by video call. In-person appointments at our Leeds office are available as long as protective measures are followed. 


Our support begins with an initial consultation to understand your situation and needs, and to offer initial support regarding your welfare. If you are in an investigation process we can offer our opinion on how serious your situation is, as well as giving you information on the processes that are ahead of you. We will normally offer you entry to the Safer Lives Programme. If you are not under investigation we will discuss what other individual support might benefit you.


Face-to-Face, Video and Phone Support - for people under investigation for sexual offences, and their families.

The Safer Lives Programme is five sessions, of one hour each - delivered currently through secure video calls or by face-to-face meetings at our Leeds and Manchester offices. The standard Safer Lives Programme sessions include:


  • Understanding your childhood and formative experiences, including any adversities

  • Understanding the influence that your transition to adulthood, your sexual and relationship history and your other life events have on your behaviours

  • Understanding the needs, triggers and risks that have led to your offending

  • Understanding sentencing and the criminal justice system

  • Moving forwards, and creating a safer future for you, your family and others.


There are variations to our standard programme for people under 18 (Young Person's Pathway), for people aged 18-25 (Transitions Pathway) and for people who have previous convictions or particularly complex needs (Extended Pathway - eight sessions). All programmes are adapted to individual needs whilst maintaining a core philosophy and structure that keeps to current understanding of best practice in client care and 'risk-need-responsivity' principles.

A majority of our clients complete the Safer Lives Programme in the early stages of their investigations, leaving time for us to advise about the sequencing of other services, if useful - for example relapse prevention work through Safer Lives, or signposting to other services such as counselling, addiction interventions or specialist psychological services. Clients on the Safer Lives Programme will be offered a free consultation for a partner or family member(s).

Completion of the Safer Lives Programme results in a letter for the court. This can be personalised to show what you have learned, what you have changed, and what you are still changing, so to prevent the behaviour occurring again.


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