Covid-19 Update. 10/09/2020. We continue to offer appointments by video call. In-person appointments at our Leeds office are available as long as protective measures are followed. 


For People Who Are Under Investigation - The Safer Lives Programme


Working with you

We always work one-to-one with clients. Our support is structured but tailored to you needs.


We are independent of all other agencies and offer an initial face-to-face or telephone consultation within seven days from your first contact with us. We are non-judgemental, experienced professionals who are specialist in this work. We have long previous careers in the justice system, and expertise in working with men under investigation.​

​Following an initial consultation, this five-session programme is designed for people who are under police investigation for online and other sexual offences - it provides you with emotional support, an understanding of the justice system and opportunities to understand and change behaviours. A free partner or family consultation is also offered to all clients who undertake the Safer Lives Programme.

We have supported over 400 men through the Safer Lives Programme, which is semi-structured and delivered one-to-one, allowing it to be tailored to your individual needs. We use our expertise to help you understand and address your offending behaviour - this being an important factor in demonstrating that you are minded toward rehabilitation. 

​On completion of the Safer Lives programme you will receive a letter for the court confirming your attendance on the course and what the programme has included. 

​The Safer Lives programme can be completed using five individual sessions, or in a condensed format over two consecutive or non-consecutive days. We only ask for deposits if holding initial consultations by phone, and we have flexible payment arrangements. Most clients pay session by session. Sometimes we can reduce fees for people who are on pensions or benefits, but this depends upon our capacity.

​​For People Who Are Not Under Investigation

If you have not been arrested or placed under any other form of investigation, we can help you to understand any sexual thoughts, feelings and behaviours that are causing you distress, or becoming problematic in your life. This might be unwanted patterns of behaviour such as pornography or other sexual addictions, or it may be a recurring or persistent attraction to minors.
Following an initial consultation, we will advise you and collaborate with you to create the most appropriate support. Commonly, this would follow a similar pattern to the Safer Lives Programme - using five hour-long sessions to assess and help address unwanted behaviours or the distress that often comes from being 'minor attracted'. At the end of the five sessions, and if further support was needed, ongoing support is usually available and/ or we can signpost or link you to other helpful resources. 

Family Support


​For more information about Safer Lives and our experience, click here. Alternatively, email us at for an information sheet including our fees. 

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When a family member or partner is arrested or placed under investigation for sexual offences it is not just their world that falls apart. 

Our family consultations provide one or more family members an hour of face-to-face time with a Safer Lives worker to discuss the immediate impact, effects and implications for the family. This can include the role of Children’s Social Care, where that is relevant. 

If a more in depth understanding of the processes behind investigation, prosecution, conviction and sentencing is wanted, then a second consultation may be required. 

The offer of a free family consultation is included for all clients who undertake the Safer Lives Programme.