Talking Forward - Services to Partners and Family Members

Talking Forward encompasses all work we do for the partners, ex-partners and family members of people under investigation, convicted and/ or sentenced for online sexual offences. The aim of these services is to provide emotional and practical support during periods of crisis and struggle to people who are indirect victims of illegal sexual behaviours.

Talking Forward is a project that is under a process of transforming into a charity. It is presently funded by Safer Lives, but will increasingly become self-funding and independent, including funding through donations and charitable grants.

A 50 minute consultation (in-person, on Zoom video call, or telephone) is a first opportunity to discuss your situation in confidence and to discuss whether peer support is suitable.

Talking Forward peer support groups are professionally facilitated and run to help members benefit from their shared and unique experiences in an atmosphere where there is no external judgement.

We are not a helpline for partners and family members, and so we ask that you don't call us for immediate support or advice. We take referral by email -, or by text to 0747 668 3012.