Partner & Family Consultations

For clients who begin the Safer Lives Programme, we offer a free consultation for a partner or family member.

When someone is arrested or placed under investigation for sexual offences, partners often feel that they are judged by others if they want to stay in a relationship or are disbelieved when they say they weren't aware of the behaviour. 


Partners will commonly feel shocked, confused, betrayed and wonder if their relationship was what they thought it was. At the same time they may not know how to support their partner or how to speak to them, and be worried that they will say the wrong thing.


Some partners will choose to leave the relationship and others will need time to think about what is right for them.


When children are involved, all of these emotions, thoughts and decisions are taken under the intense scrutiny of Children's Social Care who are likely to impose many conditions on supervision and access to the children.


All of these concerns can be discussed in partner consultations. However, we will only offer a partner or family consultation with the permission of the client who is under investigation.

For partners or family members who want further support we offer up to three more consultations at cost price.

Family forums can also be found at and