Covid-19 Update. 23/06/2020. From 1st July we are resuming face-to-face consultations and client appointments in our Leeds and Manchester centres. Clients will be informed of our covid prevention measures prior to attending. We will continue to offer video call facilities. We have had unprecedented demand during Lockdown but have continued to offer consultations within seven days of contact, and we continue to operate with no waiting lists for the commencement of the Safer Lives Programme. We can usually conduct free family consultations within a fortnight of a request (for existing Safer Lives Programme clients). We will soon be making announcements on new family services. Please email us for more information. 

Professionals Network

Safer Lives take self-referrals only, but as a professional, you might want to signpost people to us. Please call or email us if you need to know more about our services – we are always happy to talk to you.

We encourage good working relationships with professionals in a number of sectors including policing, criminal and family law, health services, criminal justice, child safeguarding, education and research sectors, and offer training and consultancy services on how to effectively engage and work with people who exhibit harmful sexual behaviours.

We work with academic partners in both evaluating the effectiveness of our services in preventing suicides and supporting healthy sexual behaviours, and in research to establish an improving understanding of our client group’s needs and how to work most with them. We are particularly proud in achieving a reduction in suicides - from around 1 in 27 in our standard client group, to one in around 400 Safer Lives clients.

We are frequent conference workshop contributors and speakers. We are members of NOTA (the National Organisation for the Treatment of Abuse). Andy and Jenny were recently appointed as joint chairs of the Yorkshire and Humberside branch executive. The NOTA Annual Conference has been postponed to May 2021 but will remain in Leeds.

If you are a journalist wanting to better understand our services or our client group then please read this Yorkshire Evening Post article which looks at our values and ethos.

​If you are a professional wanting to connect with us then please visit us on LinkedIn - Safer LivesJenny Greensmith-Brennan & Andy Green 

Solicitor Testimonials

James McAuley - Director, ABR solicitors.

Safer Lives have provided detailed and professional advice to our clients.  They have shown remarkable empathy and understanding for those facing criminal prosecution.  The work undertaken has proved crucial for those facing criminal charges/sentence.   Jenny and Andy provide a comfortable and safe surrounding.  In the midst of the Covid 19 pandemic, they have continued to support their clients.  Their work really does make the difference.


The contact they maintain has reassured our clients and has equally helped them to reconcile the issues they face.  It has provided them with an understanding of their behaviours and attitudes.  The work undertaken results in a detailed report being prepared for consideration at court.  The Magistrates and Judges welcome that report and take that into account when determining sentence.

Andrew Ford - Partner, Holborn Adams I was lucky to discover the services of Safer Lives a couple of years ago. Since then, scores of my clients, and their families, have benefitted from the services they provide. They are professional, discreet and very easy to speak with in a time which is without doubt the most difficult time of the clients’ life.

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