Initial Consultations

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For clients recently placed under investigation for sexual offences there can be a mixture of shock, shame and fear, which can be shared by their family members. For clients in this situation, we offer an initial consultation, usually with seven days of a request. The consultation can be face-to-face, on Zoom video call, or by telephone. These one-hour meeting cost £60 and are aimed at:

> Helping to stabilise the client's immediate well-being
> Giving the client a space to speak about what is on their mind, including
 their greatest fears and anxieties
> Providing insight into the investigation, legal & social care processes & potential outcomes
> Providing initial advice on navigating the emotional demands of investigation, and implications for any employment and possible social care processes.

Confidentiality limitations are always fully explained so that clients can feel safe in speaking openly. In the consultations we are able to discuss what outcomes are possible, and how likely these outcomes may be in your case.

We would usually conclude the consultation by offering you entry to the Safer Lives Programme.

If you are not under investigation, we will discuss what other individual support might benefit you.

Why work with Safer Lives?  

> Specialist services

  • Indecent Images

  • Sexual Communications

  • All sexual offences

> Confidential & independent

> Consultations within seven days

> Personal and responsive services

> No groups 

> Video and face-to-face services

> Flexible payment schemes