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Few books keep up with the rapid development of the internet and so we have excluded some in this list because of their date of writing, but previous clients have found the following books to have been useful.

'Your Brain on Porn' by Gary Wilson.

'Understanding and Treating Sex and Pornography Addiction' by Paula Hall

'The Chimp Paradox' by Prof Steve Peters

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Academic and Professional.


Academic papers are often out of date by the time they make it to publication because they don't keep up with the speed of internet and online change.

However, the following link is to a literature review of evidence regarding indecent image offences written for the Scottish Sentencing Council.

The following is guide for social workers involved in assessing and supporting family safety in the event of a police investigation into online sexual offending. It is written by the Center of Expertise of Child Sexual Abuse.

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Web Resources.

For online resources and exercises directly relevant to offending behaviours, please visit the Stop it Now website's Get Help pages.

However, most online resources are targeted at helping people away from generalised compulsive online sexual behaviours.

YouTube has many channels devoted to cessation of pornography addiction. There is an animated account of Gary Wilson's book 'Your Brain on Porn' as well as many sites that use the YBoP book as the psychological grounding of their content. is a good place to start if you are interested in the latest psychology and science research into compulsive online sexual behaviours.

There are also online communities where people support each other to become free of pornography and online sexual behaviours. The best known is is also worth visiting as a coaching site modelled around YBoP principles. 

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