Other places to find support

The Lucy Faithfull Foundation is a child protection charity that aims to protect children through prvention and by supporting service users to address their harmful sexual behaviours. They also support family members and other agencies to support safety for children.

Support to men and young people under police investigation can be supported through their Inform Plus programme (group or one-to-one) & Engage Plus programmes (one-to-one). Their site also holds online modules that can be completed independently. 


The Samaritans should always be available to speak to you if you are feeling in crisis or extremely lonely. Be aware that Samaritans are trained volunteers and are not employed to take calls.  Call 116 123 anytime

The Stop it Now! Helpline is run in the UK by the Lucy Faithfull Foundation and provides support by telephone, online chat and a phone back system to anyone concerned about a child at risk of sexual harm, including people who are concerned about their own behaviour.

Tel: 0808 1000 900


Your GP. If your are already under Police investigation your GP should support you with your mental health. This may involve offering medications, signposting to local supports, or referring to other NHS services. You should ask for an emergency appointment.

If you are not under investigation but have crossed the line into illegal behaviour your GP will be duty bound to report any disclosures you make. In this case you are advised to call the Stop it Now! Helpline

999. Crisis Teams and Single Points of Access to mental health services.

If you are in crisis, and with overwhelming thoughts of suicide, you should call 999. Alternatively research and contact your local 'Single Point of Access' to mental health services who will assess the level of crisis and will provide intervention or advice.

Safer Living Foundation offer free group and 1:1 support, therapy & signposting services for individuals who want to understand and manage their sexual thoughts, through their Aurora Project,


STOPSO is a charity whose aim is to tackle sexual abuse by providing access to counsellors and therapists who have been trained to work with people who are worried about their harmful sexual behaviour.


Liaison & Diversion Teams work from Police Stations but are commissioned  by the NHS to support people in the justice system who are vulnerable, including to suicide. They are required  to engage with people who are under investigation for indecent images. 

Search for "Liaison and Diversion Regional Contacts" to find your local contact details.