Paying Forward & Donations

'Paying Forward' is a practice that has gained favour in US Drive-Thru's whereby someone ordering through the intercom tells the cashier that they will pay for the car behind them as well. It refers to paying for something for someone else before they receive it, and without being asked to do so. In its way it is a simple act of kindness in the hope of generating goodwill within the wider community and society. 


At Safer Lives, we also offer partners and family members a limited but expanding free service called Talking Forward and we are creating a charity (called Talking Forward) to be the new and independent home for these services. Increasingly we will be using client and other donations to support this service, including through our Paying Forward sheme. 


We keep a separate 'Paying Forward' bank account to support these services and this will be transferred to the Talking Forward charity once it is fully established. We will never ask a paying client to 'pay it forwards', but if a client asks to contribute in this way, then we will accept donations.