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Paying it Forward & Donations

Our clients often make donations to help others who are not in a position to afford our services - commonly known as 'paying it forward'. We use these donations to subsidise our initial consultations for those who can't afford them. It is these first meetings where we have the greatest effect in securing the mental well-being of our clients and protect them from suicide, so we want as many people as possible to have access to them. 

We keep a 'paying it forward' bank account to keep donations separate from our other accounts.

If a CCG or mental health trust wishes to contribute to this fund to ensure that any client/ patient in their area has access to an initial consutation, then feel free to get in touch.

To make a donation, you should email andy@saferlives or on how to do this with this.

"I also just wanted to thank you very much for last year and the sessions, it was worth every penny and i would highly reccomend it to anyone, the biggest help was talking about my problems in the past that led to where my mind set had got too, that helped me a lot to get it out of my system and talk about it, i am in a good place in life now after Monday i can go forwards, now covid is sort of calming down so i can restart my life, i just wanted to thank you so much"

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