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Partner & Family Services

The initial and ongoing trauma of 'the knock' typically has a a very severe impact on partners, ex partners and family members of people under investigation. If this is you, then we know you may be scared of judgement and potential professional involvement with your family, whilst trying to come to terms with what your family member may have done. We can provide 1-1 appointments for anyone in this situation to talk through the initial shock you experience and will endeavour to signpost to other sources of support.


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Info for those where sex or pornography addiction plays a part in pathway to offending.

Talking Forward. Peer group support.

Talking Forward is a peer support group for partners, ex-partners and family members of people who are under investigation for online or non-contact sexual offences. If you are a partner, it does not matter if you have decided to leave or stay with your partner or simply aren't sure. The groups take place in person in Leeds or by Zoom video calls. They are facilitated by Safer Lives staff and associates who aim to provide a non-judgemental space for people directly affected to feel supported by people in similar situations.

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