Social Care Solutions

We are increasingly being asked to undertake work with families in cases where Children's Social Care departments require work to be undertaken before decisions on child safeguarding can be made, where a family member is on the sex offender register or other sexual risks are identified. These requests are usually made after consultant forensic psychologists recommendations. The work usually involves:

  • Structured interventions with the person posing risk, to improve their understanding of their behaviour and to develop relapse prevention and strategies

  • Protective parenting and psycho-sexual education for non-offending partners

  • Meetings with both partners together, to build resilience within the relationship and family.

  • Providing a report of the work undertaken with the family.

We try to keep fees for the work under £2000 (excluding VAT), but more complex cases will require us to quote higher figures.

We welcome approaches for this work from social workers and Children's Social Care departments, especially where a consultant psychologist has recommended our work, but we don't always have availability to undertake the work. We will be building capacity to undertake more of this work, and welcome approaches from professionals who are experienced in working with families.