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Assessments of risk and strengths

Safer Lives offers the following assessments for young people who have caused sexual harm.




Work with young people who have offended online is guided by the

AIM project's Technology Assissted Harmful Sexual Behaviour (HSB) guidance.

Referring in


Please call us on 07476 683012 or email for an initial conversation.

Service fees will vary dependent on level of input required.


The most important thing to us all is the safety of our young people. Safer Lives has rigorous policies in place, developed in consultancy with safeguarding experts, to ensure we always act in the best interests of our young clients, and their caregivers. 

Transitions Programme


The brain is not fully develped until our mid 20s. Therefore it makes little sense to work with someone, age 20, in the same way as someone age, 40.

The Transitions Programme is for people between 16-21 years old and emphasises the role the internet has played in a young person's live. Using the Good Lives Model, we support young people to understand how they would like to develop and positively influence aspects of their life.

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