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Whether you have just been placed under investigation or are further into the process, we can provide you with independent and non-judgemental support, advice and guidance, as well as specialist support to better understand your situation and permanently change unwanted behaviours. If you are being investigated for online or technologically assisted sexual offences such as indecent images, sexual communication with minors or voyeurism, we can help you to deal with your current situation and to move forwards. images..


  • Secure and confidential services

  • Support, guidance, no judgement

  • One-to-one appointments

  • Initial consultation within seven days (£60)

  • Support for partners and family members

  • Specialist former Probation Officers with the skills and experience to help you

  • Video appointments UK wide

  • In-person appointments at our Leeds or West Midlands offices

  • Continued support throughout your investigation.


  • Structured to help you understand and address your behaviours

  • Tailored to your individual needs

  • Guides you through the justice system and what could happen if you are prosecuted

  • Includes a letter of completion recognised by the Police, Courts and Probation Service

  • Adapted Transitions Programme for younger people

  • Rehabilitation planning and aftercare appointments

  • Signposting to other agencies and supports.

Confidential help child porn. Indecent images help. Sex offence arrest.

"Safer Lives has been a lifeline at a difficult time - both in helping me to deal with the moment and also in starting to move forwards."

"I feel I have a much better understanding of my behaviour, how I got to the point and how I can put things right for me and my family."

"Engaging with Safer Lives was the best option for me. I soon started to explore certain elements of my life growing up which may explain why I had ended up in the situation I have.  Safer Lives gave me both the determination and the targeted emotional support to change"

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"Making a call to Safer Lives was the best decision I have ever made and undoubtedly steered me away from isolation and the darker places this kind of event can take us."

"Safer Lives provided calm and measured advice at a time where I struggled to find clarity from other sources. It has been very useful in helping me to understand myself and the next steps."

"The Police Officer pointed at the Safer Lives leaflet in the pack I was given – he looked me in the face and simply said “call these guys”. It was the best advice I have taken."

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Safer Lives Programme (age over 21) information sheet > download here

Transition Programme (ages 16-21+ ) information sheet > download here

For an informal chat or to book a consultation

Call 0800 043 5987,  WhatsApp 0747 668 3012 or Email 

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