Preventing Suicide I Reducing Sexual Harm

At Safer Lives we support people during their investigations for online and other sexual offences - to help them better understand their situation, prevent their potential suicide, understand and address their past sexual behaviours, and support their family networks. As former probation officers we maintain the highest ethical and practice standards and are well-placed to help people to understand and address their previous sexual offending behaviours. This includes offences involving indecent images, sexual communication with minors, voyeurism and revenge pornography.  Established in 2014, Safer Lives is known and respected by justice agencies. Our services are available via Zoom and MS Teams video call, in-person at our Leeds office base, and we also have availability for in-person meetings in the West Midlands. We provide free support to the partners and family members of our clients, including through our Talking Forward peer support groups which we are constituting into an independent charity.

A 2021 Sheffield Hallam University evaluation of our client experience highlighted that we were pivotal in reducing re-offending, and that we build strong therapeutic alliances with clients and have the self-confidence to signpost to other support agencies rather than see ourselves as the only possible solution.  


Specialist support during investigations into online sexual offences 

"Engaging with Safer Lives was the best option for me. I soon started to explore certain elements of my life growing up which may explain why I had ended up in the situation I had.

This along with the emotional support provided by Safer Lives gave me both determination and the targeted emotional support to change my thought processes. Despite my short period in prison, I now feel incredibly positive about my future and can now deal with life's difficulties in a very different but positive way. Working with Safer Lives has been the best thing I could have possibly done for my rehabilitation and understanding. I am very grateful to Andy and the team."



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