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Diversionary & Conditional Cautions

Safer Lives have worked with many clients as a condition on their conditional cautions. Following a change in the law these 'out of court disposals' will become known as Diversionary Cautions, with  lower level online sexual offences to be increasingly in scope. Safer Lives takes a three-tier approach to providing rehabilitative conditions.:

Tier 1 condition - for those who have already complete the Safer Lives Programme or the Lucy Faithfull Foundation Stop it Now Inform Plus programme, this two hour intervention refreshes learning and relapse prevention techniques,  and signposts to other resources and services if relevant. (£250 to be paid within the 16 week period of the caution)

Tier 2 condition - three hours intervention to better understand emotional triggers and wider influences on behaviours, and tightening of online behaviours,  relapse prevention and signposting to other resources and services if relevant. (£450 to be paid through 16 week period)

Tier 3 condition - for those committing more serious online offences involving Category A images, sexual communications, voyeurism or indecent exposure. This £600 four hour programme of work digs deeper into understanding motivations, triggers, permissions for offending and harms, before focussing on relapse prevention and rehabilitation objectives..

All conditions are fulfilled using one-to-one appointments, never in groups.

We encourage Police services to contact us for more details. 


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