Safer Lives Programme

The cornerstone of our services is the Safer Lives Programme: Five one-hour sessions delivered one-to-one, structured but personalised to the client's needs - delivered currently through secure video calls or by face-to-face meetings at our Leeds office. The standard Safer Lives Programme sessions include:


> Understanding the influence of life events on behaviours

> Understanding harmful behaviours

> Understanding criminal justice processes and implications

> Building a safer and happier life

Clients on the Safer Lives Programme will be offered a free consultation for a partner or family member(s).

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The majority of our clients complete the Safer Lives Programme in the early stages of their investigations, leaving time for us to advise about the sequencing of other supports and services, if useful - for example relapse prevention work through Safer Lives, or signposting to other services such as counselling, addiction interventions or specialist psychological services. If you are in the latter stages of an investigation or court process, we can usually offer either the standard or a condensed version of the programme. 

Completion of the Safer Lives Programme results in a letter for the court. At an additional cost, this can be personalised to show what you have learned, what you have changed, and what you are still changing, so as to prevent the behaviour occurring again.

Clients who complete the Safer Lives Programme with us remain clients until their court cases are concluded. We remain available for emotional support and practical advice until a Court or other outcome is achieved.

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Why work with Safer Lives?  

> Specialist services

  • Indecent Images

  • Sexual Communications

  • All sexual offences

> Confidential & independent

> Consultations within seven days

> Personal and responsive services

> No groups 

> Video and face-to-face services

> Flexible payment schemes